Why Management Development Programs Fall Short

Start by closing the learning-doing gap to improve front-line management development Employees leave managers, not companies. This is well-documented. According to Gallup polls, 50% of employees who quit cited their manager as the driving reason. If research confirms that front-line management is a major cause of employee attrition, why does this trend continue? It is not because of a lack of investment in training to develop better management skills. The 2016 ATD State of the Industry report places Managerial and Supervisory as the top content areas addressed in training at 12.4% of all content. So, if employee attrition is a known problem, and management is one of the major known causes that companies are trying to improve, why aren’t the tides turning? Mind the gap Companies invest in and prioritize training for new front-line managers. They provide a variety of quality training content. Yet, the vast majority of companies are frustrated by the lack of transfer back to the job after these managers participate in training. KnowledgeAdvisors reported in 2015 that “41% of training on Frontline Leader Development is not applied back on the job.” This is the learning-doing gap. Skills learned in training are not being effectively transferred back […]