5 keys to strengthening your management communication muscles

Employees want better management communication, but they want quality communication along with frequency. This requires a more supportive and responsive presence from managers. Managers will do well to refine their interactive people skills, namely being more direct and empowering, rather than passive aggressive. Is there a fairy wand for better management communication? The call for better interaction with managers is well-documented. If there were a fairy god-manager, she’d likely keep fielding the same wishes from employees. According to a survey conducted by TinyPulse, the survey’s most popular response stated that employees want better, more open management communication. Gallup reports that engagement is highest among employees who communicate with their managers daily, whether face to face or digitally.  Thus, there is no fairy wand that managers can wave to improve communication. Becoming a stronger communicator may require daily discipline, but it’s one that may help employee retention and drive better results overall. 5 keys to strengthening your management communication muscles: Create a culture of openness: When suggestions are taken seriously and team members are treated as vital organs, you may find that someone on the team sees a better, clearer way through a tough project. When a manager is open to […]