Is there not enough front-line management talent, or is talent not enough?

When it comes to naturally talented people managers, the supply is lacking and demand is high, for a highly-demanding job. What is a company to do? Do they compromise on talent or are there aspects of people management that can be cultivated? Here we will explore the questions around front-line management talent and how companies can work to develop and refine it. Where natural talent is absent or unrefined, how can companies maximize the skill sets of front-line managers and help them to build upon them? Let’s find out. What makes a front-line manager great? To define what constitutes talent in this leadership role is a key area to examine. Drawing from Gallup’s State of the American Manager report, there are 5 hallmarks of front-line management talent, which are: Individualizing the way one manages each team member Recognizing each team member’s needs and strengths Offering honest reviews of team members’ performance Uniting team members toward a common goal Executing efficient processes In surveying an enormous pool of managers, Gallup found only 10% possess these talents. Gallup also found that another 20% of employees exhibit some characteristics of functioning managerial talent and can operate at a high level when given proper […]