Your summer reading stack: a roundup of four MUST READ management books

2018 has delivered on some outstanding managerial reads and we are not even through the year. You may have some mindless beach reads on tap for the summer, but it is also the prime season to dig into some of these worthwhile industry books, too. We’ve curated a short list of recommendations. Some of these books view management through a creative lens, others offer the latest research on subjects that matter most to your industry. Here are a four that may prove valuable to shaping your approach to management. Superconnector by Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh Authors Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh are the CEO and COO, respectively, of CommunityCo, which they founded in 2015 to build and manage membership communities for global brands. CommunityCo’s philosophy is “build a community, not an audience.” This philosophy is foundational to their book SuperConnector, emphasizing the importance of forging authentic relationships rather than siphoning professional connections (which networking often implies).  In this book, they offer a different spin on professional networking called Vision-Executing-Profiting. You will be able to identify what kind of “connector” you are and how to leverage this in business. The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups by Daniel […]