Managing the summer intern: why engagement matters

As companies are beginning to onboard their summer fleet of interns, front-line managers may be working twice as hard to orient college students as temporary staffers. Staying engaged with the full-time team members while investing in new talent can provide great returns, though – especially as summer interns may become full-fledged members of the team one day. As front-line managers work to keep their expanding teams focused, here are three things to bear in mind: 1. The qualities that make good managers do not change, even as their teams expand Front-line managers manage people, no matter if these people are veterans of the company or just cutting their teeth in corporate work. The same qualities that make excellent front-line managers do not shift when the headcount or median age of their employees changes. Gallup’s State of the American Manager report found that the most successful front-line managers were consistently able to rally a group around a common goal while still recognizing the strengths and areas for improvement within each individual team member. There will be seasons in front-line management where the team dynamics change, but managers should continue to stay focused on the needs of the team body and its […]