Why your management training is not working (hint: it’s a journey not an event)

According to KPMG’s Global Transformation study, a shocking 96% of organizations are in some phase of change. And while organizations look to management, especially front-line managers as their agents of change, they provide management training and access to a whole host of resources to help these managers effect the change. Yet, only about half these organizations believe that they will succeed in either creating short-term wins or sustained value from their efforts. So, what’s going wrong? Why are organizations chasing change and investing in management training, but often failing to achieve their desired outcome? Achilles heel of change According to the report, Forbes Insights: Making the Change, the top reason for failure is ineffective execution (40%). Digging a little deeper, McKinsey suggests that half of all efforts to transform organizational performance fail because people in the organization defend the status quo. This failure is often characterized as the “last mile” problem in implementing change. Even when the visionaries cast a careful and detailed plan for transformation, change initiatives can fail on the frontlines of the business. The best vision still needs a well-equipped change agent to convert the vision into reality. Why do front-line managers so often fail in implementing […]