Management development for the millennial manager coming of age

The oldest millennials are turning 37 this year. Many have been in the full-time workforce for the better part of two decades. They are often characterized as a highly distractible generation needing constant hand-holding. Just like every generation before, millennials have strong stereotypes to overcome as they seize leadership roles and advance in their careers. As organizations help to cultivate this new generation of leaders, what are the implications for management development? And how can companies shape millennial managers effectively? Late in 2017, a study called Building a Coaching Culture with Millennial Leaders found that first-time people managers and millennial leaders agreed that using coaching skills makes them effective in their roles. When asked to describe the most effective management style, the two words that were most frequently repeated were “collaborative” and “coaching.” Do millennials want regular feedback or constant praise? It is no surprise that a coaching style would appeal to many millennial managers for whom feedback is a motivating force, and not just positive feedback. Just like a coach on the playing field cheering on his players and calling audibles, millennials are used to responding to feedback that is instant. The CEO of Zuora, Tien Tzuo, says millennials […]