Better management development: what does it mean to shift an effective manager to an effective people manager?

March Madness recently dominated conversations in the office and probably in yours, too. As we filled out brackets, we discussed the chances for success of our favorite teams and which had the better coach to lead them to the ultimate win. Whether you’re trying to make it to the Final Four or trying to reach a sales or other performance goal, team leadership t is crucial. All managers and coaches need to set priorities and manage tasks, but the great ones are able to go beyond that to build trust and motivate. This is the essence of coaching. This is also the essence of management development. Like coaches, most managers have been promoted to the role after being part of a team in their company. The best individual performers stand out and level up, but the skills that made them great players/contributors don’t always serve them well as a manager/coach. According to Gallup, organizations fail to choose a candidate with the right talent for the manager job a staggering 82% of the time. Standout stars may not possess the wherewithal to uplift, mentor, and foster unity among a team of direct supervisees. But these are the skills that are so […]