Are these common mistakes of first-time managers a bad thing?

Some first-time managers approach their new role as if wading into a minefield. They identify the mines as possible opportunities to fail. Intimidated by the potential for failure, they avoid taking risks and may remain in the comfort of their office with the door closed.  They seem to have lost the very qualities that got them promoted to management, such as the courage to innovate. Fear is powerful–the fear of making a mistake. What can companies do to help first-time managers overcome this fear? Companies that cultivate a culture where mistakes are not to be feared but a part of the learning and growth curve will find managers who can innovate, engage, and drive up company revenues. Reticence, meet risk-taking A recent article in TheMuse echoes that general reticence is a common first-time manager pitfall. “Refusing to make decisions” and “holding back” are some standard hurdles for new managers. The problem comes when the reticence seems to settle in. A manager who is hesitant to make a decision can make this his/her modus operandi. “Sitting back and taking too long to start managing can backfire,” the article from TheMuse states, “Without guidance, your team can flounder fast—and in the process, […]